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Are you looking for affordable health insurance for your employees? Longbow Health offers affordable group health insurance for small businesses. We partner with top providers in your state to get you the best rates and plans that meet your employer’s needs. Our step-by-step underwriting process makes it easier for your team to sign up for coverage. To find out more about health insurance available in Ohio, contact us today and let us help you get covered.

We Work with Top Group Health Insurance Providers

Understanding Group Health Insurance in Ohio

If you are considering group health insurance for your organization, Longbow Health can guide you through the process. We find ways to help you save money on medical treatment, prescription, and monthly insurance premiums. When signing up for insurance, follow these guidelines:

  • If you own a business in Ohio, you are guaranteed to qualify for group health insurance.
  • You must hire at least one employee to be eligible for group plans.
  • Your company must contribute a portion to each employee’s monthly premiums.
  • Your company can enroll anytime throughout the year – you do not have to wait for open enrollment.

While the rates vary from state to state, most plans cost $200 to $300 per employee. You can expect to pay between $1,200 and $1,500 for a team of four to five employees. Contact us today to find out how to save money and get the best coverage available.

Why Choose Longbow Health

Affordable Health Insurance Plans

Save up to 50 percent on insurance coverage from top providers in Ohio. Pay only for the coverage you need and save money on your insurance plan.

Easy Underwriting Process

Getting insurance does not have to be complicated. Our experts can guide you through underwriting using our simple step-by-step process.

Quality Customer Service

With Longbow Health, there is no more waiting to get answers. Our customer service is knowledgeable and responsible.

Coverage for Critical Illnesses

Treatment for major medical conditions can be expensive. We provide a lump sum cash benefit to help your employees meet the cost of healthcare.

We Compare Providers

Are you concerned about finding the right provider? Tell us what you need, and let us compare insurers for you. We do the work so that you do not have to.

Easy Re-Enrollment

With Longbow Health, you never have to worry about remembering to re-enroll. We send you a notification and make it easy for you to re-enroll annually.

Benefits of Group Health Insurance

There are several ways in which group health insurance helps your business grow:

  • You attract and keep devoted employees in a competitive job market.
  • Your employees take fewer sick days and personal days.
  • Healthier employees are more productive and more satisfied at work.
  • Group health insurance allows your team to save money on their health insurance plans.

Benefits of Working with a Group Health Insurance Agency

Instead of tackling small business health insurance on your own, Longbow Health can assist you in finding a provider, comparing plans, and guiding your employees through the underwriting process. We find ways to save you time and money while maintaining and updating your plans, as necessary. We can also add benefits such as dental and vision insurance.

  • We provide ongoing consultation whenever you need help.
  • You receive a period analysis of cost and coverage so that you make changes to the plan.
  • You work with dedicated professionals who genuinely care about your organization.
  • We help you find savings in every area of healthcare coverage.
  • You receive personalized service without all the hassle.

Our licensed agents work with your company throughout every stage of your business growth to ensure you have the right group health insurance coverage.

Compare Group health insurance Plans

Insurance options in Ohio vary according to your company’s needs. The three main types of group health insurance plans include:

1. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

If you prefer to keep all healthcare providers in-network and pay lower rates, then an HMO may be your best option. There are numerous plans to choose from. Your employees get comprehensive coverage, and they pay lower out-of-pocket expenses.

2. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Your employees may prefer a plan that gives them more flexibility. A PPO allows a person to choose a healthcare provider outside of the insurance network. While this does give more freedom, the premiums for a PPO will be higher than an HMO.

3. Point of Service Plan (POS)

A POS plan is somewhere between an HMO and PPO, adding the best features of each. Premiums are typically between the other two plans. The type of coverage you receive and how much you can expect to pay depends on what type of plan you need.

Before you decide on a health insurance plan, make sure you know your employees’ needs. Compare your options, and then enroll in a plan that works for your company. Longbow Health can simplify the process by completing these steps for you.


Contact Longbow Health for Group Health insurance

If you have questions about group health insurance in Ohio and need to enroll your employees, contact Longbow Health at 937-788-7713. Speak to a licensed agent and find out more about how you can get an affordable health insurance plan.